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Whatman County Horticultural Society, Bellingham, WA

Wednesday October 9th (7.30-8.30pm)

Spotlight on Foliage. Setting the stage for a memorable garden scene by focusing on foliage is fundamental to a successful garden’s performance. No need to fear a wardrobe malfunction of the petal kind if your foliage foundation is in good shape! Learn our 3 steps to success.  Book signing to follow. KAREN & CHRISTINA

Port Angeles Garden Club, Port Angeles, WA

October 21st

Reducing Maintenance (and backache) in the GardenLearn strategies to simplify your garden and your gardening to-do list. By identifying the chores which you find most challenging and understanding which plants are maintenance nightmares you will become the Master, not the slave! Show and tell. Book signing to follow. By invitation KAREN


Northwest Horticultural Society, Seattle, WA

January 8th (7.15-8.15pm)

Dynamic Duo – The Foliage Edition! Join us as we share some of our favorite foliage treasures. Big or small, bold or strong, see what foliage combinations two VERY distinct personalities dream up! Members and guests only. Book signing to follow. KAREN & CHRISTINA

Idaho Horticultural Expo. Boise, ID

Wednesday January 22nd

Details shortly KAREN

Bogachiel Garden Club, Forks, WA

Saturday January 25th (1.30-2.30pm)

Foliage FirstLearn three easy steps to revamp your containers and gardens using a framework of exciting foliage combinations. Book signing to follow. Open to the public – contact KAREN


Northwest Flower & Garden Show, Seattle, WA

Thursday February 6th (10.45-11.30am)

Sassy or Classy? Designing containers to suit your style

PowerPoint and book signing. Details. KAREN

Issaquah Garden Club, Issaquah, WA

February 12th 

Fabulous in February and Beyond Join Karen for a demonstration style presentation and see how she creates container gardens that will keep their good looks. Book signing to follow. Members and guests. KAREN

MARCH 2014

Chicago Flower & Garden Show, Chicago, IL

Thursday 20th March 2014 (12.30-1.30pm) 

Foliage First: Three Easy Steps to Transform Your Gardens and Containers from Frumpy to Fabulous. PowerPoint and book signing. KAREN

Chicago Flower & Garden Show, Chicago, IL

Friday 21st Match 2014 (11 am -noon)

Sassy or Classy? Designing Containers to Suit Your Style

PowerPoint and book signing. KAREN

The Growing Place, Naperville, IL

Saturday 22nd March 2014 (10-11am)

Luscious Leaves - - ideas for creating exciting vignettes for the container and garden using fabulous foliage.

PowerPoint and book signing KAREN

APRIL 2014

Flotsam Jetsam Garden Club, Hansville, WA

Wednesday April 9th (10.45-11.45am)

Foliage First! Learn three easy steps that will help you turn your gardens from frumpy to fabulous! PowerPoint followed by book signing. Members only. KAREN

Snohomish County Master Gardener Winter Speaker Series, Mukilteo, WA

Friday April 11th (9.30-11.30am)

Foliage First: three easy steps to fabulous gardens and containers. Join Karen for an inspirational PowerPoint followed by a container planting demonstration where she will put her tips into practice.Details and registration KAREN

McComb Gardens, Sequim, WA

Saturday April 26th (1-2pm)

Pizzazz in a Pot – innovative container garden design A fun demonstration style presentation. Book signing to follow. Directions KAREN


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