Focal Points with Foliage


Trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and container designs with foliage as the focus is a design paradigm that is finally gaining the attention it deserves. This lovely Weeping Willow planted at the Bloedel Reserve outside of Seattle is a great example of how much forethought went into this view many years ago.

May 2011 Kerry Oldenberg 005

However, a focal point created with foliage doesn’t have to be something planned out 50 years ago. You can have a sophisticated foliage combination by your front door that adds drama to a shady entryway and provides a transitional and versatile, season to season container.

November 2011 Sue Richards Containers 009-001

A showy fall container on your back deck or patio to brighten up a gray autumn or winter day is an appreciated focal point element in many climates.

August 2012 Foliage and Bloom 570 copy

A path designed with lush foliage and texture as the focus might just be leading you to a WOW factor, view or vignette at the end of the path.

August 2012 Foliage and Bloom 527

September 2011 Scott & Dina Ferris Balcony 026-001

Or maybe that foliage focal point IS your entire design. 🙂 So, how do you use foliage in YOUR focal point designs?

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6 thoughts on “Focal Points with Foliage

  1. James McInnis, Boulevard Design Group

    Thanks for the beautiful selection of photos. They show a sensibility for both subtle and bold foliage effects. The frosty blue of Colorado spruce as a foil for autumn color is a particular favorite.

  2. Brent Freitas

    Ladies, my compliments on your site, it is lovely. Found you in one of my LinkedIn groups. I’d like you to see my website as we do some really wonderful containers. Hopefully this reply will leave you with a link as I feel the need to self promote is what motivates us all and while I’m no different I’d like to think what I do is as fulfilling as what you seem to be achieving. Enjoy and keep up the Great Work. Bf

    1. personalgardencoach Post author

      Brent, What an honor- thank you for sharing your gorgeous website and comments with us. We appreciate all designers and artists who have the same passion that we do. It means so much to both of us.

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