One Plant – Two Ways

Simple contrast

Simple contrast; hosta and shamrock

Who knew a humble Pacific Northwest native groundcover could offer such variety? Shamrock (Oxalis oregana) can be seen spreading with ease in the dappled light of our deciduous forests yet in the garden it is not difficult to keep within bounds.

This evergreen beauty has velvety, evergreen foliage which is studded with white flowers in spring, each having a distinct lavender vein.

Option 1; The co-star

No second fiddle here – the shamrock and hosta share the limelight equally in this serene monochromatic combination.

Why it works.

1. Great contrast between the matte shamrock leaves and the glossy hosta foliage

2. A perfect match of green!

3. Exciting contrast in leaf shape between the two plants

A backdrop for finer details

A backdrop for finer details

Option 2; The supporting player

Shamrock forms a dense mass of overlapping leaves, making it a perfect backdrop for the delicate unfurling fronds of ferns and periwinkle bluebells.

Why it works

1. The shamrock provides a clean horizontal canopy through which the ferns and bluebells can rise

2. The fresh green shamrock leaves add a backlight to the darker fern stems and bright blue flowers, throwing them into clearer focus

3. The decaying bluebells foliage will be nicely hidden by the evergreen groundcover.

Plant details

Common name; shamrock, redwood sorrel

Botanical name; Oxalis oregana

Size;                    6″ high and 2″ wide with a spreading habit

Light;                  part shade, shade

Soil;                    moisture retentive

Zones;                7-9

A bonus combination can be seen in our book FINE FOLIAGE called ‘Twice Lucky’. look for it on pages 88-89!

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