Perfect Pleats – Franklin Park Conservatory

On a recent visit to Ohio for one of the largest events of its kind in America, the Ohio Floriculture Association conference (OFA for short), I gave myself one extra day to visit the Franklin Park Conservatory for a full HOT day. It was SO worth it though!
The park, the garden art and the butterfly exhibit were exceptional. I recommend it highly if you should be able to get there. This visit however, I was incredibly impressed by the palm house. It’s a GIANT, GRAND structure.

IMG_0610The July heat wave was making for a tough visit to a hot-house for THIS North-westerner! But, getting a great look at all of those lovely full size and some smaller, palms was worth the sweating.
IMG_0291If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where you can grow certain palm trees outdoors year round then I encourage you to try some of this dramatic foliage in your landscape.
IMG_0292IMG_0293My inner OCD tendencies as well as being a classic Virgo both combine to make me crazy for the perfect lines and geometry of these folds and pleats together. Particularly when they are layered together like these. 😉
IMG_0297IMG_0298IMG_0312IMG_0313IMG_0323I adore how the shape of this frond echoes the arch of the window in the background!
IMG_0325IMG_0590Clearly this is only the tip of the palm tree iceberg. There are MANY more that I couldn’t squeeze into this small post, but you get the idea- Palms are COOL!
For more information about the wide world of palms, this site is wonderful.

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