Leaves of Grace


This Thanksgiving week for Fine Foliage and its authors has been one of lovely news – the book is going to press again! With that, we are obliged to take the time to examine our great fortunes and give gratitude for the abundant support from all of you that have gotten us here today!

The seeds of our idea have grown and leafed out into our wonderful passion. Though we work very hard to provide you beautiful, thought provoking and entertaining design inspiration, this week, we will take a breath and pause to enjoy our families, friends and all of the blessing that have brought this success.

We will leave you this week with this quote:
“Reflect on your present blessings,
Of which every man has many,
Not on your past misfortunes,
Of which every man has some.”
Charles Dickens

Warmest wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving foliage fanatics!
Christina & Karen

2 thoughts on “Leaves of Grace

  1. Glenda

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well. I’m very happy about the second run on your book. Well deserved. Hope we run into each other sometime soon.


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