Frappuccino of Succulents

Copy of April 2010 Miscellanous Container Pics 025Sometimes when you’re cooking, you just throw things in a bowl and see what happens. This was exactly the case here! Inspiration struck me with this luscious root-beer color glaze on the container. Though, not normally a color I would gravitate to using in design, I was challenged to design a combination using those colors to stretch my design chops a little bit. This little Frappuccino, as I like to call it, is what I came up with!
Sedum nussbaumerianum and Sedum stonecrop in 4″ pots were planted evenly around to pot since this was meant to be seen from all sides as possibly a low table centerpiece for summer. Then a small Carex testacea, ‘Orange Sedge’ was the center piece for this yummy creation. It doesn’t even need a drizzle of caramel sauce. 🙂

Have FUN with your foliage in 2014!

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4 thoughts on “Frappuccino of Succulents

  1. Glenda

    Lovely as usual. Happy New Year Christina. Haven’t seen you at Furneys we just bought the most perfect Asian fountain there the other day. This would be perfect in our new outdoor room when it’s complete. Love love love it.

  2. Patty Fitch Hicks

    Oh dear…oh dear…must have…oh dear. (lol) Loving this combination. Just adding more to my list every time you post I swear. I’d call you an evil enabler but I know what a sweetie you are and that it’s my insatiable plant lust that is to blame. (sigh) What a wonderful addiction.

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