Elevated Edibles & Giveaway!

IMG_4948Sometimes you see a great design – and sometimes you see something that is  exceptional, especially when you begin to sift through the layers of loveliness and see why it works.

So let me take this cabbage extravaganza apart for you.

The Foliage Framework

Wonderful bold foliage of  golden yew forms a carpet

Wonderful bold foliage of golden yew forms a carpet

Paintings often benefit from a picture frame and this container is perfectly framed with sunny foliage. Overhead the golden locust tree (Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Frisia’) rustles in the breeze while at the pedestal base a prostrate form of golden yew (Taxus cuspidata ‘Nana Aurescens’) repeats the color on stiff branches.


Cleverly linking these two are trailing strands of golden creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummelaria ‘Aurea’) cascading from the container.

Wonderful layers of color and texture

Wonderful layers of color and texture

The container itself is a feast of color and texture with the bold cabbage clearly being the focal point. Behind it Ascot Rainbow spurge (Euphorbia) explodes with a froth of flowers and foliage in shades of soft blue-green and buttery yellow accented by rose colored stems and new growth at the end of each branch, Those warm tones are what makes the rich cranberry flowers of the Choca Mocha cosmos look so perfectly at home.

The elevated edible

By placing the container on a pedestal this becomes a real showpiece and a great example of how focal points and foliage go hand in hand.

Learn more about Foliage and Focal Points – for FREE!

Now here’s an exciting offer that you can’t possibly refuse!

The British half of Team Fine Foliage (i.e. me; Karen) is launching an exciting garden design course on Craftsy called…..FOLIAGE AND FOCAL POINTS and our fabulous book is the recommended text! So to celebrate the launch AND the gold award Fine Foliage has just received we are offering one free course  plus a signed copy of our book to a lucky winner.

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Already a Craftsy user (addictive isn’t it?!) then just follow the link and you’re set. New to Craftsy? You’ll love it! You can use the link to sign up for free then you will also be entered to win. Craftsy has all sorts of cool classes from gardening to photography and woodwork – check it out!

The lucky winner will be notified on the day my class goes LIVE – September 9th. Oh and the wonderful elevated edible combo? That’s from the class 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Elevated Edibles & Giveaway!

  1. Tracy DiLeo

    I live in a Zone 8B area, so our plant palette is quite different, with vastly different water and temperature ranges, of course. I love your ideas, designs, book… and plan to sign up for the course. Have you contemplated working a parallel design path in a different zone, such as mine?!? Are there any blogs, resources, for designing in this zone, which have caught your eye especially?

    1. Karen Chapman Post author

      Thank you for letting us know how much you enjoy our work and I look forward to ‘chatting’ to you on the Craftsy platform!

      We both understand how frustrating it can be when you want to copy an idea that you’ve seen but you can’t get the same plants or they don’t grow well in your area. The good news is that Fine Foliage was designed with that in mind and is what drives the ‘Why it Works’ paragraph in very combination. As we explain how the different colors, textures and shapes work together we hope you can take that information and find something in your area that more or less matches those features – or that a nursery professional could help you find.

      Yes it would be possible for us to research and write a similar book for other zones but we know that what makes this so user-friendly is our first hand knowledge of all the plants used (even those which weren’t photographed in the PNW). That experience allows us to bring real designs into real gardens, often over-riding what the plant labels or websites will tell you!

      Zone 8b covers a wide geographical area (even parts of Seattle are 8a). Whereabouts are you and we’ll try to connect you with some local experts

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