A Story of Seduction


Foliage can be bold and brazen or sheer and sexy – it all depends on how you use it.

We’ll often talk about framing a scene with foliage to add emphasis or highlight a focal point whether that be a sculpture, water feature or even a specimen tree. However you can also use ultra-fine grasses as you would a gauzy fabric, to partially obscure.


This is especially effective when the feature waiting to be revealed has a strong, clearly defined presence such as the container seen above. This reminds me of those beaded curtains that could be swept aside with a jingling swoosh to allow you to enter a room that previously could only be glimpsed. There is tension created as we want to reach through the stiff blue oat grass (Helictotrichon sempervirens) to touch the cold, hard surface of the rustic pot.

The sense of mystery is heightened by the monochromatic color scheme, the container hiding in plain sight as the colors blend together while the shadows appear to add an extra layer of intrigue.


The example above has a different feel. Here the Sioux Blue Indian grass (Sorghastrum nutans ‘Sioux Blue’)caresses the container, revealing more and blending less. The autumnal effect is softer – a warm seductress rather than a daring diva!



Out of reach yet so close. This statue stands within a dense Oudolf-inspired meadow planting of mixed grasses and sneezeweed (Helenium). As the breeze moves the screen we see a little more, then a little less, a constant tease.

Simple accents

IMG_6275Here the ‘magpie effect’ is at work, We are naturally drawn to shiny, sparkly things and the iridescent sphere casually placed within the caramel colored grasses (Carex sp.) easily catches our eye yet once again it is only partially revealed. Naughty but nice, subtle yet sexy.

Remember, you don’t have to reveal everything all at once. Finely textured grasses can be quite the seductress in the garden.

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