Use Foliage for a Mini-Makeover


Whether you call it the end of summer or the beginning of fall our  gardens and containers are definitely in transition. That’s a nice way of saying that some stuff is dead, some bits are thinking about it but other plants are still fabulous. So what’s a gardener to do?



Well maybe its just procrastination on my part but with this container I decided to do a mini freshen up. The photo above shows the original summer planting. (If you have been enjoying my Craftsy video class you will have seen me planting this up in lesson 3).

After a few chilly nights last week the coleus was past its best and the variegated geranium was less than fabulous so I removed them both.


That still left a lot of great foliage plants  including feathery Arkansas blue star (Amsonia hubrechtii) at the back  two Midnight Lace sweet potato vines, a silver icicle plant (Helichrysum thianschanicum) and a few succulents including the wonderfully fuzzy silver-grey panda plant.

I found a Heuchera lurking in my ‘holding bed’ – I think it is Root Beer but it has long since lost its tag. The color, leaf shape and size made it a perfect replacement for the coleus.

Party on!

Party on!

The story isn’t over yet though; the Arkansas blue star is just getting started. This is a perennial which is usually planted en masse in the garden rather than used in a container. It has blue spring flowers but is usually grown for the delicate foliage and stunning orange fall color.

Arkansas blue star turns  fiery orange in fall

Arkansas blue star turns fiery orange in fall

Can you imagine how stunning that will be in this container?

Orange, black, dusky burgundy and silver.

Now there’s a color scheme for you! How are your containers doing?

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