Happy New Year’s Toast to 2015!!

Winter 2011 2012 264Team Fine Foliage has been quiet in the last few weeks as we are feverishly working on our new book due out in 2016. But, we wanted to take a moment to tell everyone how much we appreciate your support and enthusiasm for our passion for designing with foliage and sharing it with all of you!
As we embark on this new year and most of us are frozen “leaf-cicles” try to keep looking for that beautiful spot of interesting foliage that might be just under your drippy nose, even THIS time of the year. AND if you find it, let us know either here or on our Facebook page, Twitter or Pinterest. We are always excited to see the plants and combinations that make you smile where you live so that we can learn from you too. 😉
Who knows, we may even show up on your doorstep to snap a photo for the new book!

So, we raise a glass you all of you out there with this toast of farewell to 2014;

Leaves may fade, leaves may blow,
but every year, we await the show.
The chill of winter makes us ponder,
how many leaves are over yonder?
The frozen bark, the berries, the twigs so bright,
they keep us up dreaming all through the night.
We imagine the ice, the sleet, the snow,
all melting away, it could happen ya know.
Just in time for the garden show season,
we’ll be inside and warm, with good reason.
So, be patient dear friends in the cold,
we will be working while spring unfolds.
It won’t be long, so stay snug with our book,
no sneak peeks at the new one, not even a look!

Cheers to 2015!!
Team Fine Foliage


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s Toast to 2015!!

  1. Gayle Gyles

    Thank you. I look forward to all your updates and interesting ideas, pictures, etc. Happy New Year!!!

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