A Must-Have Tree for Spring Foliage

Weeping Larch in Spring

If you have a large sweeping landscape with acreage and views that extend far past what you can see from the house or if you have a San Francisco style property like mine with more of a courtyard style landscape, the Weeping Larch (Larix decidua ‘Pendula’) is a tree that will add drama no matter the season.

You may not be familiar with deciduous conifers like the family of Larch, but this is the one you might want to invest some time to look into it for your garden. It would likely become one of your favorites. It sure has become one of mine!

This family of trees and shrubs have needles, cones and when they lose their needles in autumn, the color is incredible. There are 12-15 different species to choose from, but today we’re just looking at the weeping version.

Thumbnail of Weeping Larch in Spring

Super-soft green needles spiral around branches and look like flowers when emerging in spring.

Late summer for the Weeping Larch

Peeking over the side gate in late summer at the Weeping Larch, just before it begins changing color.

Fall color on Weeping Larch

In fall, needles turn gold, orange & brown before dropping. The small cones are very decorative, sitting erectly atop branches for winter interest. And this tree gets HUGE bonus points for being deer resistant too!!

Now that you are all hopped up on juicy photos of a gorgeous little tree that you NEED for your landscape, go forth and shop. Ask you local Independent Garden Center if they have this wonderful tree for you.

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6 thoughts on “A Must-Have Tree for Spring Foliage

    1. personalgardencoach Post author

      Well then Ed, you have certainly landed in the right spot, Team Fine Foliage are BIG fans of conifers! Be sure to read through older posts for more conifer love.

  1. Lita Sollisch

    I’ve been lusting after the weeping Larch ever since viewing it at a university walk-a-round last Spring. Grows in Zones?

    1. personalgardencoach Post author

      Thanks for your enthusiasm Lita! Hardy in zones 2-7 but in the post you can find two links (gray highlighted words) where you can find some great information on the Larch family. We always try to load our posts with lots of informative links.

  2. Darlena Lord

    I love this tree; I haven’t seen a larch before. I was ready to go directly to the nearest nursery and get one then saw the zones were 2 to 6. I am in zone 7 or 8 depending on the chart. So I am thinking it’s too hot here for this lovely tree?

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