Design Magic as Easy as One, Two, Three!

Does the container determine the design first or does the inspiration plant? Sometimes it can be both! But, in the case of this example let’s say that it is this incredible, iridescent container with delicate dimples that inspires this foliage based combination for summer.
Design Magic as Easy as One, Two, ThreeSitting on this stone pedestal, the container is a focal point in this partially shaded area of the garden and we are going to make it a standout by choosing plants as easy as one, two, three!
Now to choose the plants….

Design Magic Easy as One, Two, Three (Fuchsia 'Tom West') How about this playful ‘Tom West’ hardy fuchsia about to bust into bloom with showy purple and red dangling flowers that will last all summer and likely well into fall too? The crazy off-white and silver toned variegation is just the right foliage for this space where there is only a little light. It will keep the container from feeling too heavy and add a some excitement to a quiet area.
Now to adda another element….
Design Magic Made Easy as One, Two, Three (Coleus 'Black Prince')You didn’t see THIS coming after the talk about adding light in the shade did you?! šŸ™‚ Sometimes when you have a strong pattern like the one in the fuchsia, you need a bold, larger leaf contrast and this coleus is just the right element. The light green margin on the ‘Black Prince’ coleus offers the right contrast, even though it is dark, all of the other light elements will be the perfect contradiction.
Now to add that last perfect touch….
Design Magic Made Easy as One, Two, Three (Japanese Painted Fern) The Japanese Painted Fern is just the right textural addition to this combination for the partial shade. Pulling color details from the fern such as the purple and violet notes complete this combination perfectly! It’s all in the details as Team Fine Foliage loves to tell you over and over, because those are the things that make a good design work as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE!

Would you try this elegant combination? What would you choose for this container?
Let us know- leave us a comment!

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      1. Glenda

        Well darn I wanted to see it complete,don’t tease us Christina show us your wonderful pots,we know you are amazing.

  1. nancy22turtle

    Christina, You are the BEST! I devour your blogs as soon as I see them. Thank you for the inspirations.

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