Food with Fine Foliage

Food with Fine FoliageRecently I was chosen by the National Garden Bureau to be one of 5 garden writers to attend a fun event in California called the California Spring Plant Trials. Think of it as the spring fashion show of new plants coming to market in 2017 and beyond. Breeders and growers from all over the world come to show off their pride and joy to the nurseries, buyers, wholesalers who can help them bring these new plants to the attention of gardeners everywhere. 

Obviously, I was particularly enamored with what new foliage I could find and the very first stop was the Hort Couture display where edibles were one of the superstars! They had a gorgeous display of edibles that they call “Culinary Couture”. Beautiful plants that are both tasty AND lovely to design with in the landscape were the BIG take-away here. 
Food with Fine Foliage Food with Fine FoliageHort Couture is taking the idea that I have been promoting for a long time that I like to call “Ornamedibles” to a whole new level of style and sophistication. Why in the world can’t your summer borders include plants that are practical AND beautiful? 

Food with Fine FoliageI can’t WAIT to get my hands on these new black basils for next year!!! Imagine these in container designs? YOWZA!!! 

Food with Fine Foliage

Food with Fine Foliage Now if you growing tomatoes anyway, isn’t it MORE fun to have both a chartreuse foliage color tomato along WITH your green foliage? What a brilliant idea! And I saw the fruit that came from these plants- luscious!!! 
Food with Fine FoliageSo riddle me this; why WOULDN’T you use food with Fine Foliage rather than the boring same old same old? With so many amazing opportunities to blend the useful with the beautiful, we should all be experimenting MORE with pushing the boundaries of good design and yummy food. With all of the amazing choices coming to market, it’s time to get out there and shop, then EAT. 🙂

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