Sharing the Foliage Love -Enter to Win BIG!


Bejeweled: an exquisite Foliage First composition at the Horticulture Center of the Pacific, Victoria B.C. and featured in our latest book Gardening with Foliage First (Timber Press, 2017)


Team Fine Foliage loves to share. Whether it is our passion, knowledge, ideas, photographs, tips or garden produce – it’s just what we do! Today we are excited to offer you the chance to win BIG in our best ever GIVEAWAY!

Our new book Gardening with Foliage First (Timber Press) is rocking the Amazon sales charts and has consistently been  a Best Seller in multiple categories since its release in late January.With 127 inspiring designs organized and color-coded into season and sun/shade this is a reference book you will want to keep at hand. Whether you need ideas for a container or acreage, drought tolerant or deer resistant – we’ve got you covered. You may enjoy this blog post for an insider peek (note that the giveaway mentioned in that post has now closed).

The fabulous, colorful combination featured above is just one example. We called this Bejeweled.

This artisan collection sparkles with shades of red set in a distinctive framework of gold. From the vivid dogwood stems to the smoky sweetspire foliage and tiny clusters of crimson flowers nestled within the isu tree, red foliage is clearly the linking theme, yet each of these layers showcases a unique texture. The glowing Japanese cedar in the background sets off all the flowers, foliage and bare stems. Any one of these elements would add beauty to the garden, but the artistry comes from achieving the perfect balance between each component.”

You can read How The Design Grows as well as get full details of each of the featured plants on pages 246-247.

What reviewers are saying…

Our good friend and gardening guru Shawna Coronado recently posted this review and VIDEO PREVIEW of our book on Facebook:

“This collection of 127 combinations introduces gardeners to the idea that a well-planned garden starts with a solid framework of foliage. Organized by season with options for sunny and shady locations, each plant combo includes design descriptions that will equip readers with the knowledge they need to get creative and devise their own.” —Garden Design

“This is a useful resource for new gardeners testing their design teeth and for experienced horticulturalists looking for some new inspiration. Regardless of the reader’s experience and expertise, the recipe format is charming and engaging. . . . If you haven’t designed a “foliage first” garden before, Chapman and Salwitz have design recipes in hand, and a willingness to help and inspire you.” —NYBG’s Plant Talk

Come and say hello!

Speaker Email - Speaker badge 2017.jpg

We anticipate great excitement during our official launch at the upcoming Northwest Flower and Garden Show (February 22nd-26th). Forget the circus, THIS is the Greatest Show on Earth – if you can possibly get to Seattle you really need to visit. Display gardens galore, a tempting marketplace, the new Container Wars (lots of giveaways for the audience), and hundreds of free educational seminars – this will be an unforgettable event.


Christina and I will be there on most days as judges, speakers, Container War contestants and of course signing our books. (It’s a great opportunity to request a special personalized copy or three for your gardening friends and family). Here’s a snapshot of our appearances:

Wednesday February 22nd:

11am – noon Container Wars (Karen)

1.45-2.30pm One Ingredient – Two Designers  (Karen & Christina)

2.30 – 3.00pm Book signing

3.15-3.45pm Garden 101: Don’t let Moving Scare the Plants out of You (Christina) NB: starts at 2.15

3.45-4.15pm Book signing

Thursday February 23rd:

11am – noon Container Wars (Christina)

Sunday February 26th:

3.15-4.15pm Spring Container Fashion Show (Karen)

4.15-4.45pm Book signing

For more details see here

Sharing the Foliage Love!

To celebrate our book launch we have teamed up with three of our favorite plant growers to offer  a chance to win the following fabulous collection of prizes – our best ever giveaway.

About the  Growers and their Prizes:


Bailey Nurseries is a family owned company with over 110 years in business. We have featured their First Editions plants many times in out blog posts because they have so many outstanding shrubs that offer downright delicious foliage! Add to that the fact that we have found everyone in this company to be friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful – the sort of folks we love to work with.

You may select your prize from the following selection of luscious leaves:

Clockwise from top left: Tiger Eyes sumac, Cool Splash bush honeysuckle, Rainbow Sensation weigela, Summer Ruffle hibiscus, Amber Jubilee ninebark, Cinnamon Girl distyllium, Limoncello barberry, Little Devil ninebark. All images courtesy of Bailey Nurseries

pwccProven Winners® ColorChoice® Flowering Shrubs are sourced from all over the world, then tested and trialed in North America for a minimum of 5 years before being introduced to local gardeners. With hundreds of Color Choice® shrubs now available and more on the way, why settle for plain green?!

Team Fine Foliage will be visiting their primary growing facility this spring and we are SO excited!

A representative will assist you in selecting something suitable for your climate, soil type and landscape style but may be suggest a few of our personal favorites (some of which are NEW for 2017)?

Clockwise from top left: Double Play Painted Lady spirea, Gatsby Pink oak leaf hydrangea, Lil Miss Sunshine bluebeard, Red Rover silky dogwood, Strait Laced black elderberry, Wild Romance hebe, Pearl Glam beautyberry, Lemony Lace elderberry. Photos courtesy Proven Winners

logoMonrovia is a brand name known worldwide for high quality plants and more than 200 plant patents and trademarks. Monrovia offers the gardener a truly outstanding selection of trees, shrubs, perennials and more.

Wondering what to buy with your gift certificate? Enjoy this video on selecting foundation plants by our good friend Nicholas Staddon to get you started with some great ideas – and fab foliage.

How to Enter

Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite foliage plant is and why.

One lucky winner will be drawn using a random number generator on Tuesday February 21st at 9am PST  and notified by email. If the winner does not respond within 72 hours they will forfeit their prize and a second name will be drawn – so watch your email!!

The not-so-small small print

  • You may only enter once 🙂
  • Comments left on social media while appreciated will not be included in the drawing: only those left on this blog post.
  • Entries are limited to residents of the United States (sorry …)
  • The winners name and mailing address will be forwarded to Bailey Nurseries, Monrovia and Proven Winners. They will contact you to arrange shipment of your prizes.
  • Bailey Nurseries and Proven Winners will determine a mutually convenient shipping date and the size of plants that you receive. Availability may impact these decisions.
  • Your book will be shipped separately.
  • Cash alternatives are not offered

And finally…

Please share this post with your Valentine, family and friends!


If you have already been enjoying our new book please write a review on Amazon for us – it would mean so much. (If you can’t wait a minute longer and want to buy a copy you can use the same link!)

Thank you to our friends at Bailey Nurseries, Proven Winners and Monrovia for sharing the foliage love and sharing in our celebration!

150 thoughts on “Sharing the Foliage Love -Enter to Win BIG!

  1. bittster

    So many other favorites come to mind when I read these comments, but I’m going to stick with my first choice. Canna ‘Bengal Tiger’. Not hardy but worth every bit of fussing it needs in order to see those awesome leaves!

  2. Carol Yemola

    I love hosta plants. I love them because they are easy to grow, super easy to propagate, and are available in so many variegated leaf varieties. Although they are meant to grow in shady areas, I have also been able to grow them in sunny spots. When grown in shady areas, they certainly can brighten up an otherwise dull and dreary spot if using the varieties with white and bright yellow variegation.

  3. Terri

    I tried to post earlier but it didn’t go through, so I’m trying again!

    Ninebark is my favorite foliage plant. Summer Wine is resistant to powdery mildew and it looks great all four seasons!

  4. Shirley Fox

    Duranta Cuban Gold brightens up a shady corner of my garden. It was a challenge to find something with bright foliage that would grow in that spot.

  5. Laura Fraioli

    I just can’t say enough about Abelia ‘Kaleidoscope’. Love this plant for its compactness, easy care and ever-changing color scheme. Oh, and the long bloom period is an added bonus!

  6. jeanne cronce

    My favorite foilage plant would have to be coleus. They come in so many colors and textures, for shade or sun, and brighten up the darkest spaces and softens up the ruffist places.

  7. Darcy Daniels

    Gosh, so hard to choose! I’m loving Fatsia japonica ‘Variegata’ Camouflage™ for its gorgeous bold foliage and bright variegation. Wonderful paired with a finely textured pal, like Lonicera ‘Twiggy’ — really lights up a part shade spot! Great for containers or in-ground.

  8. Ann Murphy Munson

    Cornus alternifolia ‘Golden Shadows’ leaves look like butterflies in the spring but also gorgeous for the rest of the season.

  9. Jan

    My favorite is probably the Japanese Maples. They are easy to grow once they get established and offer such a variety of colors and sizes. My current favorite in my own yard is the graceful Beni Otake.

  10. Deborah

    Heuchera’s are my favorite plants…what’s not to love? They are available in SO many colors and are so easy to take care of. Many will thrive thru winter and give you color all year around.
    Easy Peasy!

  11. herbngirl

    I like the idea of the Container Wars–fun! One of my favorite foliage plants ( tho not hardy for us in zone 5) is Rhoeo discolor tricolor. It will work in full sun and in the shade, indoors and out, and is a delightful addition to a container. Pink, purple, white and green.

  12. LayLa Johnson

    I am a heuchera junky. They have the most spectacular foliage! I have dozens and would love dozens more.

  13. Karen

    This is exactly the book I’ve been looking for!! My flowers make my garden beautiful most of the year. Then winter comes and everything looks so sad! I want interest all year long!

  14. Arlene Osmon

    Had a hard time deciding my favorite until I looked out my winter window and saw my beautiful green boxwoods. The workhorse of my garden, I have several in different locations. They provide thick coverage, beautiful color and great shelter for birds. As a backdrop for flowers or in front as a border they are always beautiful.

  15. Rosemary Whitehouse

    I love my Hakone grass which I have planted in a shaded bed. It’s yellow arching leaves are a great contrast to the the Huchera and Hostas that surround it.

  16. Toni Loundagin

    I am loving my ajugas!! A few that I have are Black Scallop, Chocolate Chip, and Burgundy Glow. I have a no lawn front garden so the spread is welcome and has actually not been invasive at all, maybe due to the dry shade caused by the shade trees (birch) that leaf out later in spring. The gorgeous blue flowers in spring/summer are a bonus!

  17. Alyson Ross Markley

    My favorite is the Asian Podophyllum Mayapple ‘Kaleidoscope’, with its hexagonal, brilliantly marked leaves! They did extremely well in our courtyard in Redmond. I am hoping the six (the original from you, Karen, and it’s 5 offspring) have survived the winter in their temporary pots while we are in the rental, waiting for our Anacortes home to be built. Fingers crossed they survive and adjust well to their new garden this Spring!

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