Dynamic Fall Texture with Zebra Grass

Whether you choose the full-sized Zebra Grass (Miscanthus sinensis ‘Zebrinus’) that grows 5-8ft. tall or the dwarf form that stays much shorter and more compact, Zebra grass is a wonderful addition to the fall landscape. The horizontal bands of cream on green are striking under gray skies, adding tons of character.

As the autumn temperatures cool, this clump-forming grass begins to turn soft gold. And if it’s allowed to stay without pruning through winter, you will be rewarded with handsome beige color as well as crown protection in cold climates.

Using contrasting and complimentary grasses to balance this one is a nice design choice where this grass is SO striking that you don’t generally need masses of them to stand out. The copper/pink flowering tips hold up well for fall arrangements too!

Here’s a link for more information on Zebra Grass. 

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3 thoughts on “Dynamic Fall Texture with Zebra Grass

  1. gaysunboy

    The link makes note that ‘Zebrinus’ has a likelihood of being invasive in mild areas: like PNW.

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  2. gaysunboy

    The link makes note that ‘Zebrinus’ has a likelihood of being invasive in mild areas: like PNW.

    1. personalgardencoach Post author

      Yes, it does. However, they are referring to the non-sterile forms that are rarely if ever even available. So, it’s not a concern here. Growers who provide them in the pNW only grow and sell, named sterile cultivars.

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